Piezo Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty with Piezo Surgery

The cutting of nasal bones are the challenging and indispensable stage of aesthetic nasal surgery. Today, the most commonly used method of cutting bones is performed with chisels.

 The mechanism underlying piezo surgery is the cutting or shaping of bones with 3-dimensional sound vibrations. In piezo surgery, we can make precise and controlled micrometric cuts to the nasal bone. In this way, we can avoid unwanted fractures that may occur in the classical method of chisel and hammer. We also observe that bone healing is faster because the incision lines are smooth.

Among the patients who want to have aesthetic nose surgery is the most frequently worried about subjects are swelling and bruises around the face and the eyes after surgery. In traditional technique, the bruise and swelling that occur after the operation are common because the soft tissue surrounding the bone is damaged by chisel and hammer. However, since piezo surgery is selective only to bone tissue, during the procedure cutting occurs only in bone , there is no any damage in soft tissue. In this way, postoperative bruising and swelling may be less.