Functional Aesthetic Nose Surgery (RHINOPLASTY)



The nose is one of the organs of aesthetic importance in the middle of face.Thousands of people who don't like their nose are referring to doctors for nasal surgery every year with an increasing rate.

The nose is not only an aesthetic organ but also has many functions. It is the starting point of breathing. It works in smell. For this reason, the nose is an organ that must be treated as a whole with its inside and outside. If there are cases such as deviation and turbinate hypertrophy which prevent breathing in the nose, the success of surgery in terms of both functional and aesthetics on depends on solving these problems.

Bu ameliyatta hedefimiz, burundaki mevcut dokuları kullanarak doğal görünümlü ve yüze uyumlu bir burun meydana getirmektir.

Estetik burun ameliyatları yüz gelişiminin tamamlandığı 17-18 yaşından itibaren yapılabilir, üst yaş sınırı yoktur. Ancak doğumsal veya travma sonrası oluşan bir problem varsa daha erken yaşlarda da yapılabilir.

What can be done in aesthetic nose surgeries?

With this operation, we can reduced or enlarged your nose size, and if you have a belt or curvature on the nose, these can be corrected. If your nose tip is too low, it can be lifted or normalized if it is too high. It may be shorter if you have a very long nose or vice versa. The width of the nose tip can be thinned if it disturbs you. If you think your nostrils are large, it can be reduced and if you complain that your nostrils are asymmetrical, it can be corrected again.

The nazal deformities can lead to cause unhappiness and lack of confidence. This surgery may increase the confidence in the individual, therefore it may be more successful in business and social life, but it would be wrong to expect this operation to change your whole life.

Jack Sheen who is the world-famous doctor for nose aesthetics said that ‘’This surgery does not make you a cover of Vogue magazine or it does not restart a finished marriage. The purpose should be the development of the appearance’’. These confirms that your expectations should reflect the truth.

Success of Functional Aesthetic Nose Surgery ….

The first rule for successful aesthetic surgery is to establish a healthy communication between the patient and his / her physician. The physician should fully understand the expectations of his / her patient and the patient should understand completely that what the doctor can do and keep his/her expectations realistic. You should determine your expectations very well before the operation and share it with your doctor.

The success of the surgery depends on the surgeon's knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the patient's facial proportions, the structure of the nasal skin, and the degree of the disorder of the nose.