Preoperative And Postoperative Period


It will be enough to stay 8-9 days in Istanbul for pre-examination, planning and post-surgery controls. You should never use blood thinners such as aspirin or vitamins 10 days before the operation date !!

Day 1: You will come to our office for examination after getting off the plane and check in your hotel. Dr.İlker Koçak will interview with you for about 1-1.5 hours. This interview include ; examination, information, take photo and design, details before and after surgery. After the examination, your blood tests will be done and the anesthesiologist will examine you.

Day 2: You will be hospitalized 1 hour before the scheduled surgery. Our friends at the inpatient department will hospitalize you and you will be taken into operation after the necessary procedures are completed. Four hours after the operation, you will have your meal and you will be able to eat anything you want, not too hard, spicy and acidic.

You will stay in the hospital at the night and you will be discharged the next morning. You will stay at your hotel after today. Our control appointment will be the 8th day.

Day 8: You will come to our office at the appointment time for control, In this examination, the cast on the nose will be removed and skin-color bands will be placed, our interview will take about 30 minutes. Attached bands will remain on the nose for 1 week. Thus you can get on plane, you can return to your home and your normal life. After 1 week, you can wet your face completely and remove the bands at the shower.

Day 9: At the end of the 8th day or on the 9th day, you are now ready to return and we can transfer you from the hotel to the airport upon request.

After coming back to your home, you can contact us on +90 532 058 03 85 for any question. You can also send messages via Whatsapp.

Then when you come to Istanbul, we would like to make an appointment and come back for a control and be glad to see you again.